Two Decades in Linux & Embedded Systems

Hi, I'm a solo software consultant with over 20 years of experience in providing software solutions with focus on embedded systems. I have extensive experience in using C++, C, Python and Linux to create efficient and reliable software solutions for a wide range of applications, like IoT devices or industrial control systems.

What I do

My Approach and What It Means to You

In essence, my methodology boils down to two concepts: communication and pragmatism.

Communication is the key to achieving project success. I'm committed to an open dialogue, ensuring that our objectives and strategies are aligned. This not only saves costs but also reduces the risk of creating something that deviates from your actual needs.

Pragmatism in development, from my perspective, involves finding a balance between simplicity and over-engineering. Avoiding excessive shortcuts is important; it prevents the creation of software that becomes a mystery and a challenge to maintain due to missing necessary abstractions. On the other hand, too many abstractions can lead to bloated code, increasing time and costs of future developments.

Over time, navigating through these extremes, I've developed an intuitive sense of what it means to be truly pragmatic in this field.

Professional Background

For more details about my career and notable projects, please visit my profiles on LinkedIn and Toptal.
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If my approach resonates with you, I'd be happy to hear about your project and explore how we can work together.