Software Engineering e.U.


Basic information regarding my background, used technologies and projects I worked on can be found in the CV and the profiles on Toptal and Linked.

From people I worked with over the last years I received several recommendations like those below (intentionally without details - to see them please visit my Linked profile):

Miroslaw is a high accomplished, methodical and meticulous software developer. His knowledge of object oriented coding in addition to the Linux platform make him a huge asset in any product development project. Together with an easy going nature and professional diligence it makes him a pleasure to work with and I would recommend him in any development endeavour.
As project manager I, have been working together with Miroslaw for some years at a larger development project. Miroslaw have a unique talent for translating difficult technical issues to understandable 'novice' language. This together with a structured and analytic approach, have made Miroslaw an invaluable member of the development team. Miroslaw always delivers quickly and in time.
I have been working together with Miroslaw for a couple of years, developing software for products in the Mobility market. He implemented C, C++ code on a embedded Linux platform with great precision, good ideas, fantastic functionality, impressive stability and quick. If Miroslaw implements something, it works first time right! He is a good communicator, and pleasant to work with! We have lots of fun!

Those and more recommendations with full details can be found at my Linked profile.