Over the years I gained quite a lot of experience not only in developing software, but also in non-development activities. Apparently I have ability to explain complex things in simple terms, which is very beneficial for gathering requirements specification or for training people.

I can create a requirements specification of software projects for you. It works as follows.

We will discuss a project first and I will start to collect all information regarding it. This may take some time both on my and on your side, because I will ask a lot of questions to precisely find out what do you really need. The result of this process will be a detailed requirements specification document which is:

  • tailored to your needs taking in account local constraints - for example technology you want or don't want to use
  • subcontractor-agnostic - it will be focused on what needs to be done and not what I can provide. In other words you can use this as a reference and ask another consultant for his price

The price for creating the requirements specification depends on a project’s scope and I will be able to tell you that after our first discussions.

If you have an idea you would like to turn into reality and you would like to specify it at more technological level then just... let me know